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Why I'm In Silicon Valley

Steve Baxter is an entrepreneur, investor, founder of River City Labs and board member for StartupAUS. He will appear as a ‘Shark’ on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank Australia when it airs in 2015. He is also the man behind the Startup Catalyst program that has brought me and 19 other young potential entreprenuers to Silicon Valley for 12 days! He recently wrote an article for Business Spectator titled ‘Why I’m sending 20 young Queenslanders to Silicon Valley’.

Our economy is still hugely reliant on stuff we dig out of the ground, yet we live in an age when next generation technology is creating opportunities to break into every industry sector. Australia needs technologically capable and entrepreneurially inspired young people.

You can read the rest here: Why I’m sending 20 young Queenslanders to Silicon Valley and follow all the action from Silicon Valley on our blog!