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Startup Catalyst: I'm off to Silicon Valley!

Startup Catalyst

Exciting news! I've been accepted into the inaugural Startup Catalyst program!

Startup Catalyst is an annual mission to Silicon Valley for twenty young people who have the potential to be Australia’s next batch of globally successful tech entrepreneurs.

That means I'll be off to the US of A on the 16th of November for 2 weeks visiting companies like Facebook and Google, and dropping in to accelerators like Plug and Play Tech Center, 500Startups and Runway!

The highlight of the program will be participating in Startup Weekend: 52 hours to come up with an idea, form a team, validate our assumptions, build a prototype and launch!

I can't wait to start exploring the global center of technology development and business growth with Brisbane's startup elite: Steve Baxter (of Pipe Networks fame), Colin Kinner, Peter Laurie and Jason Seed - as well as 19 other up and coming tech entrepreneurs.

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